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    We’ve tagged Web sites we think are valuable to students (by no means a complete listing). If you've found a site that you think would be of interest, please send the URL to our editor.

College Related Web Sites
Financial Aid Related Web Sites
Scholarship Related Web Sites
Graduate Study Web Sites
Career Related Web Sites
TO TOPCollege Related Web Sites


2002 Colleges, College Scholarships, and Financial Aid page
An online directory of college and university admissions office email addresses and telephone numbers, college scholarship and financial aid office email addresses, and links to the home pages and online applications of more than a thousand colleges and universities.

Allsport News
Online sports magazine designed exclusively for the college bound student athlete

College Choice
A nonprofit information service for college bound students

The Center For All Collegiate Information Services
Collegiate sites under one easy to remember address

College Admissions - The Mining Co.
Guide to college admissions

College Email Address Search Engine at Nova Southeastern University. The College Email Addresses FAQ is hosted at Queens University

College Guidance Services

College View
A free online college search service

CollegeEdge Home Page
A site that brings students and schools together

Collection of the best college links sorted


College Xpress
Advice for college bound students

Critical Comparisons of American Colleges and Universities


.edu: U.S.News Colleges and Careers Center

ETS Net - The Educational Testing Service Network
Gateway to information about higher education admissions and tests


ICX College Search page

Lists of colleges by state from College Net
The education and career center

Power Students Network
The ultimate destination for college bound high school students

Princeton Review Online
A site offering practice tests and information on college, career, and post-graduate education

Road To College

The ScholarStuff Webring
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The University Pages
Up to date list of all the universities on the web

US News & World Report
Rankings for US colleges


College Club
The world's largest college community

College Newspapers Online

Student Advantage
Resource of discounts, info, services for students

TextTrader - The Site for Used Textbooks

What Next?
College student forums


The Adult Student Website

Adults Back to College
Online community of students, administrators, faculty and organizations that offer assistance for the adult student

Australian universities research / postgraduate studies offices


Language Liaison
Connection to foreign language schools around the world
On-line study abroad information resource

TO TOPFinancial Aid Related Web Sites

Coalition for Student Loan Reform


EENet Financial and Grant Info

FAFSA On the Web
An online application to apply for Federal Financial Aid for 1997-98

Financial Aid
The Financial Aid Administrator's Homepage

Kaplan Educational Centers

Project EASI (Easy Access for Students and Instutions)
Resources for education beyond high school

Purdue's Student Loan Information page

Report and Analysis on Income Contingent Repayment Plan


Stories on student loan nightmares

The Student Guide to Financial Aid from the Department of Education

The Foundation Center

National Science Foundation

Publication 520 - What the IRS thinks of about scholarships and fellowships.

United Negro College Fund



CollegeNet Mach 25

College Planning Web Site

ExPAN from College Board Online


Georgetown University Medical Center Scholarship Search


Grip Magazine,

IUPUI Scholarship Database

Molis Scholarship Search
Check this one out if you are a minority student.

OSAD Scholarship Search
For undergraduate students looking to study abroad

Purdue University's Scholarship Search


Scholarship and Aid Locators

The Scholarship Page!

Scholarship Search

ASIS Arkansas Scholarship Information Service "GREAT SITE"

SRN Express Search


CUNY Scholarship Enhancement Program

National Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Directory

Scholarships for Women & Minorities Page

Scholarships & Prizes oriented towards Canadians

UC Irvine Scholarship Opportunities Program

TO TOPCareer Related Web Sites

Beyond College: USNews - edu

Career Magazine
A comprehensive resource, designed to meet the individual needs of networked job seekers

Careers & Education - The Mining Co.

College Central Network
Employment and career info for college students

Mapping Your Future
Information about career opportunities and higher education

On-Line Resumes

TO TOPGraduate Study
A comprehensive source of Graduate School information

TO TOPRandom


How To Win A High School Election
Advice and ideas collected from over 1,000 high school Seniors about HOW TO WIN A HIGH SCHOOL ELECTION.

Alloy Online
A gateway for teenage boys and girls
An online network that gives teens a place to have a voice and speak their minds

a gathering place for teens


Where There's a Will there's an "A"
How to get better grades in college, high school, or grade school by Professor Claude Olney

College Parents of America
The single resource and voice for parents of college students and parents of children who are planning to attend college

The school
School information and school reports


AAA World Announce Archive - Matilda
The world's fastest growing search engine

California Association of Nonprofits (CAN)
Statewide membership association of non-profit organizations

Free, Fast & Fun IQ Test

A great jumping-off place for students; lots of useful and fun links to information all over the net!

Pizza Hut

How big is the Internet?

Learning Material & Resource Center

Prentice Hall - School

A virtual city with a focus on excellence; features a business center, shopping mall, complete custom web development, banking and finance center, Peak Performers at Virtuocity, entertainment, travel, parks and zoos


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