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TO TOPGetting Started

If you are a new user, you must first create a FASTap account. Please be sure to note your user name and password, as you will need them to conduct future searches or to return to lists of scholarships you have saved.

If you already have a FASTap account, simply enter your user name and password at the registered users prompt on the first screen. You will find that your PROFILE, SEARCH results, SAVED results and letters are just as you left them during your last user session. Click SEARCH to update your results as new scholarships are added on a regular basis. You can also modify your PROFILE at any time to change your results. Just click on PROFILE, make your changes and click save my changes at the bottom of any PROFILE screen. Then click SEARCH on the navigation bar to view your new results.


To use FASTap you must first create a personalized PROFILE that will match your specific skills, abilities and interests to FASTap's database of scholarships. Just complete five categories to get immediate results on-line!

You are not required to make choices in every category. However, not providing enough information may result in a large unmanagable list. To help narrow the search to a more manageable number, take time to provide information in the residence, personal, academics, organizations, and general categories. The information you enter here will filter the number of scholarships and display those that best match your qualifications.

After entering information in various categories, click continue at the bottom of each screen. At the end of the fifth category (Studies), you will click the Begin Search button at the bottom of the screen.

Remember, you can change your PROFILE at any time to obtain a different list of scholarships. Just click PROFILE on the navigation bar, make and save your changes, then click SEARCH on the navigation bar.

TO TOPReviewing Your Results

When the search is complete, a list of scholarships tailored to your PROFILE appears with minimum detail on each entry.

To scroll down the list, use the scroll bar on the right.

To view more details on each scholarship, click More Details.

To add a scholarship to a SAVED list for future reference select the ...Check to save in your folder check box at the end of the scholarship entry.

FASTap saves the scholarships returned by one search until you do your next search. To save scholarships returned by a series of searches, you must place them in your SAVED list.

To view scholarships in your folder, click SAVED on the navigation bar.

TO TOPUsing Your SAVED List

Click SAVED on the navigation bar to open the list of scholarships you have saved. The SAVED list works just as the SEARCH list, except you may delete scholarships from the list by selecting the ...Check to delete from your folder check box.

TO TOPCreating Letters

Once a scholarship is in your SAVED List, you can use FASTap to automatically create a letter to send to the scholarship coordinator.

From the View Details screen of any scholarship in your SAVED list, click Write Request Letter to bring up the Letter Editor for the SAVED scholarship.

Fill out the body of the letter and your return address.

Make any necessary changes to the date, addressee, or salutation. Click --Letter-- to bring up a printable letter with the appropriate parts of the letter automatically filled in.

Choose Print from the File menu to print the letter.

This is just a standard letter to request an application. Here's a sample letter and tips that you might want to use.

To send the letter electronically, copy the text in the print preview and paste into an e-mail document.

Copy the text in the print preview and paste it into a word processing document to change format, fonts, etc. for a more personal touch.

Here's a step by step guide to getting through the application process!

TO TOPTech Support and Feedback

We appreciate the opportunity to correspond with you. If you are having trouble using the site, want to make some comments or give us constructive criticism, PLEASE let us know. Just send it all to

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